Injury Care
Choosing a medical provider for Work-Related Injuries is an important and challenging business decision. Health Care Center of Miami's medical providers are specialty trained in occupational medicine and experts in workers' compensation issues.

We treat injuries quickly, minimize lost time and return the injured employee to work as soon as possible, and help prevent workplace injuries and control worker's compensation cost.

Working with Employers

Health Care Center of Miami creates a proactive relationship with employers:
  • Direct communication concerning the injury and the injured worker.

  • Maintaining a return-to-work focus.

  • Developing strategies to reduce work related injuries and associated costs.
Our multi-disciplinary team of occupational health specialists includes physicians, nurses, therapists, counselors, and case managers. They work with staff in the Emergency Center and other areas to ensure effective care when injuries do occur.

Health Care Center of Miami is also available before accidents happen to evaluate both employees and the work site environment in order to maximize safety, health, and productivity for businesses and their workers. We provide a wide range of programs and services on a contract basis, with each contract tailored to meet the particular needs of the company.

Our staff communicates and coordinates with all providers and parties involved, from accident to final discharge, always working towards a speedy return to work.

For further information, and a free consultation to discuss how Occupational Health Services could improve your workplace health and safety, please contact our specialists at 305-888-6959.
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