Physical Therapy
To achieve our superior results, we perform hands-on, patient-centered rehabilitation services for individuals who need musculoskeletal care by a licensed physical therapist.

Our Physical Therapy services are marked by:

  • Proven expertise.

  • Dedication to quality, licensed therapy.

  • Ethical and honest in dealing with patients.

  • Expert individual care.

  • Professional personalized treatment for each injury.

  • Responsive customer care.

  • Prompt appointment scheduling, and insurance verification.

  • Faster results.
Outcomes: Our early intervention therapy model focuses on expedited patient recovery and reduced cost of care. Health Care Center of Miami employs only trained therapists, not aides or technicians, in the treatment of patients. In over 95% of cases, patients are cared for by the same therapist during the recommended length of treatment. This commitment enables us to closely evaluate patients' progress and make responsive decisions based on the particularities of each case.

Hands-on Approach to Healing: Rather than instructing patients to perform repetitive exercises on therapy apparatus, Health Care Center of Miami therapists employ traditional “hands-on” methods and practical tools to train, track, and treat patients throughout the recovery process. Patients learn how to continue practical exercises at home, reducing the likelihood of re-injury and long-term, costly medical care.

Experience: Our therapists have performed hundreds of patient visits to date, and are qualified to treat a full range of musculoskeletal injuries cased by trauma, repetitive-motion, and over-exertion injuries; pain and functional limitations caused by medical or chronic injuries; and orthopedic and hand/upper-extremity injuries.

Customer Care: Receiving Physical Therapy with Health Care Center of Miami is easy and actually reduces the normal time needed to schedule appointments and verify insurance coverage. Once a physician refers a patient to Health Care Center of Miami, they contact our offices. One of our referral coordinators then works with them to schedule an appointment. On average, patients begin treatment with a therapist less than 32 hours after visiting their physician.

Communication: Our referral forms help patients' doctors to convey clearly their care directives. In addition, Health Care Center of Miami therapists communicate the patient's status back to the referring physician using the physician's preferred method of communication.
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